School Rules and Exam Matters


The following are some extracts of the school rules in general.


  1. School days are from Monday – Friday
  2. School hours start at 07.20 a.m. Student who comes after 07.20 a.m. is considered late. Consequences will be applied for late comers.
  3. Students have to wear school uniform including during physical education lesson; black shoes and white socks.
  4. All students have to join all school’s programs, such as:
    1. Morning assembly
    2. Chapel
    3. Flag ceremony
    4. Field trip
    5. Retreat
    6. In-house events (intramurals, English fiesta, Science day, other celebrations, etc.)
    7. Boys’ Brigade (Grade 7 – 9)
    8. Habitat for Humanity
    9. Outward Bound Indonesia
    10. Community service (grade 9 – JC2)
    11. Silent Reading
    12. Daily Devotional Journal
    1. Immersion program
    2. Leo club (grade 8 and above)
    3. Boys’ Brigade (grade 10 and above)
    Consequence will apply for any absences in school program.
  6. Students are not allowed to bring any electronic gadget to school except for learning purposes and with teacher’s approval.
  7. Female students shall tie their hair during school hour; male students’ hair cut shall be according to the school’s rule.  Hair-dyed/permed, nail polish, colored soft lenses are not allowed.
  8. Students are to bring their own food and drink from home or may order catering from school. Food shall not be delivered during school hour, but eye-glasses and medicine is allowed.
  9. Any form of bullying and fighting will cause consequences; no alcohol drink, smoking and drugs in school premises.



Students are obliged to take all examinations conducted by the school or arranged by Cambridge International Examinations, including but not limited to:

  1. Quizzes
  2. School based semestral examinations (at the end of each semester)
  3. Regional based examinations (Grade 6)
  4. Mock Exams (Grade 10 – 12)
  5. National Examinations (Grade 9 and Grade 12)
  6. Cambridge IGCSE examination (Grade 10)
  7. Cambridge AS/A Level examination (Grade 11 and 12)

Students shall take at least 7 subjects for IGCSE to obtain ICE (International Certificate of Education) and a minimum of 4 subjects in AS/A level examinations according to the subjects they have learnt.