One of the school’s missions is to imbue the students with the skills needed for the future. Over the years, we have proven our commitment to achieve this. Students who graduated are prepared and well-equipped to face the upcoming challenges in their future education.

Students who graduated from Secondary 4 (year 10) may choose to continue their studies in Kairos Gracia Junior College or several foundations located in Indonesia or abroad. Their O’Level Diploma provides them numerous opportunities to continue their study in the fields of their choice. Some of our graduates have been accepted in prestigious local universities all over Indonesia. Others have made their way to prominent universities in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, The United States, and The United Kingdom.

Our first batch of Junior College 2 (year 12) graduated in 2014. Equipped with A Level Diplomas and National certificates, students are provided with even more comprehensive choices of majors and universities. They are currently enrolled in respected universities inside and outside Indonesia, taking various majors such as Accounting, Business, Management, International Relation, Information Technology, Psychology, Language, Engineering, Architecture, Hospitality, Medical, Law, and many more.

It is truly our joy and pride to see them spread their wings and fly.

To God be the glory!