School History & Development

Kairos Gracia Christian School was established on February 20, 2000 in a one ? storey store house with two classes located in Citra garden II, west Jakarta, Indonesia, under the kindy clubĄ¯s name. There were only four toddler students with 2 teachers and limited school facilities.

On the new academic year, July 2000, the number of students was growing up to 10 toddler students, 9 pre-school students and 19 K-1 students.

Soon, in the middle of year 2001, the kindy club was changed into Kairos Gracia Christian school and built a two storey school building at block H4 No 6 Citra garden II, west Jakarta. On this 332m2 land the school managed to provide 10 classrooms for the students.

In January 2002 all school activities in the previous school was moved to the new school building. By parents request and support, a primary level of Kairos Gracia Christian School was formed in July 2002.

As the school grows fast, the foundation of the school decided to enhance the school and bought another piece of land in the same housing area then built a four storey school building in block P6 Citra garden II to facilitate students need of space in learning. The school had finally finished the establishment of the primary school building in year 2003 on a 1308 m2 land.

Each year, more students were gradually coming, filling in all the seats and space available at the school building until year 2005 the market force the school foundation again to add more school building. A 237 m2 land next to the primary school building was built as the fulfillment of space needed.

Yet, the school keeps growing.? In July 2008, the school decided to continue the level of education to secondary. On class of 30 secondary-1 students is pioneering the Kairos Gracia secondary Christian school.

With GodĄ¯s grace, a secondary school building is established in 2010.

Kairos Gracia school community continually growth both in quality and quantity up to now.